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Friday Night + Lights + Soccer = Perfect

OK, so here’s the 411 (does anybody use that saying anymore?)

Who: Boys U16

What: Soccer (of course)

When: Friday July 1st, 8:45 pm

Where: Sweden Town Park, Field #1

Why: Because there are moments in life when things are so improbable that they are perfect.  Allow me to explain.

The second law of thermodynamics says that the state of entropy of the entire universe, as an isolated system, will always increase over time – or in layman’s terms: When you drop a coffee mug on the floor it breaks, but when you drop a bunch of coffee mug parts on the floor they just don’t ever seem to end up as a coffee mug, they just tend to break into smaller, even less coffee-mug-like pieces.  Now, this is not a law that someone made up, this is what is known as a descriptive law – it comes from observations made by millions of people over thousands of years. And in recent times we have had to deal with this law as we engineer things like refrigerators, cars, computers etc. - and also other things like social structures, cultures, economies, and communities.

The upshot is that the fundamental laws of the universe make it hard for us to keep and maintain order and organization – whether it be you accidentally knocking that coffee mug off the table, or my Uncle Siegfried bringing an extra guest to the wedding reception without telling anyone. (Didn’t he have any idea how long it took to get the seating arrangement just right?  What the heck was he thinking!!???... I know, it’s been 20 years, I should get over it…. I’m am working on it, but you really should have seen the chaos and confusion… it was a horror show.  Which reminds me, thanks again hon for eating in the coat room, we never would have gotten the seating sorted out if you hadn’t stepped up and taken one for the team.)

The point is that when 11 people step on to a field with a common goal of moving a ball from one side of the field to the other, they are trying to do something that won’t happen on its own - their first opponent is a fundamental law of the universe.  Throw in the fact that we’re going to make it difficult for them to move that ball by requiring them to only use their feet, and they find that they are taking on that fundamental law of the universe with a bit of a handicap.  Then, to spice things up, we put another 11 people on the field who are trying to stop them and the thinking person may begin to wonder how *anyone* scores *any* goal in soccer.  In fact, some people get so intimidated by the thought of it that they take up a sport where it’s easy to have a high scoring contest – like basketball or golf.

So, where is all this headed? Come this Friday night you have an opportunity to join together as a community with a common goal and cheer on a group of young men as they step on the lighted field of our very own town park to partake in a challenge from our Hilton neighbors.

And for one moment… on one night… right here in your hometown, a group of young men might just be able to come together and do something wonderful… and you might be there… and you just may be lucky enough to get to see one really improbable moment when those boys of ours not only play a game of soccer, but they go out there and dare to defy the universe itself. Perfect.

Given the stakes, I’d recommend you get there early.

by posted 06/30/2016
GU12 Captures the Canal Cup!!!

This past weekend say a flurry of teams in the championship games at Spencerport's Canal Cup Soccer Tournament.  The Girls U12 team lead the way by capturing the Championship and bringing the Canal Cup home to Brockport!!

Congratulations to the girls on a fine tournament!!  Way to go Blizzards!!!

by posted 06/07/2016
BU14 Freezes out Spencerport for Title

In another fine showing at this past weekend's Spencerport Soccer Tournament, the Boys 14 team avenged their first round loss to Spencerport by making the final and then shutting them down to capture the championship.  The team kept a clean sheet and showed some great team play en route their 2-0 win in the championship game.

Great job boys!!

by posted 06/07/2016
GU17 Girls Fill Canal Cup with Snow!!!

The GU17 girls dominated the GU17-19 group and went undefeated to add another championship to the Blizzard's impressive showing at Spencerport's Canal Cup Soccer Tournament!!!

The team showed some real resolve - having to face (and beat) a tough Greece GU19 team TWICE on Sunday.  Super proud of these girls as they captured the title to bring the team's overall unbeaten streak to 8 straight games!!

Simply put: Awe. Some.

by posted 06/07/2016
BU17: Irondequoit Tournament Champs!!!

In mid-May, a "blizzard" of goal scorers (6 different ones in all) and two clean sheets in 4 games resulted in the U17 Boys capturing the Irondequoit Tournament Championship.  Congrats go out to the boys and their coaches!!

by posted 06/06/2016
Blizzard Warning for Akron, NY

The BU14 boys fought through some early tournament jitters to grind their way into the final against a tough Division 1 team from Webster's Lakefront Soccer Club.  The Sunday afternoon final was a hard fought battle and after an hour of excellent play, the game ended with the boys applying lots of pressure but unable to find a second goal to separate them from a 1-1 deadlock.  The game would go to PK's.

The boys stood together and stood tall - fighting into extra kicks before the match was finally decided.  A bit unlucky, they had to settle for second - but it was a great start to the season and a great display of the team's potential.  Congratulations Boys!!!

by posted 05/02/2016
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